Three cancer survivors.  One vocal group.  Paul Peterson, Candace Lindo, and Carlotta Diggs now sing and live in harmony, sharing their story of burden and survival and belting out oldies and jazz standards to small, packed houses across the High Desert.  At  7pm Friday, the singing trio is scheduled to perform at The Wine Seller in Apple Valley, not to share or sing about what they went through, but to trumpet their survival.  "Part of our joy in sharing our music is that we are cancer survivors,"  Diggs said.  "And we want to share that joy about music and our joy of life because of the fact that we have survived." 

The three of them met a the High Desert Center for the Performing Arts, while performing a musical.  "We met there and we formed a friendship.  Then, I got hired by D'Vine Wine (in Victorville) to perform," Diggs said.  Diggs immediately went to her two friends from the theater and asked them if they would like to join her.  They were instantly on a regular schedule. "The next thing I knew, I was being swept up and I was hanging with Carlotta," Lindo said. "Then something prodded us into having a name.  The name they decided on "Living Proof," a testament of their lives as a group. "One of the things that we have in common and why we have the name 'Living Proof' is that we are all cancer survivors," Diggs said.  And since forming, they've performed numerous times in the High Desert region. "We have done weddings, we sang at Mavericks, Relay for Life.  We have done that several times and we perform on stage a lot," Lindo said.  The shows are not about their stories, just the music, according to Diggs.  But their stories are still compelling.

Paul Peterson had lymph node cancer in his arm and has been in remission for almost a decade.  Snow and Diggs have both survived breast cancer with Diggs' breast cancer resurfacing two years ago. "It was extremely traumatic," Diggs said. "Candace went through it about a year before I did and I tried to be there for her," but when Diggs' cancer returned after her two year remission, Lindo was there to help pick up the pieces. "Candace was here when I got the phone call that told me that the biopsy was indeed cancer," Diggs said. "And so we both supported each other." Luckily, like the first time, the lump was caught early. "The second time with me was extremely devastating," Diggs said. "Candace and I, because our lumps were so small, we didn't need chemo, but because of our age, especially me, she opted to have the complete bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction (as did I) after my second diagnosis.  Peterson was already Cancer free when he met the group and many years out from his diagnosis, but was instrumental in moral support, solidifying the survivor bond that made an unbreakable friendship. "The three of us are so close and we have so much in common," Diggs said. "We have a bond and we thoroughly enjoy sharing our music with people."

Diggs has been in the limelight all of her life.  She said she was at Carnegie Hall when she was 15 years old and had done background singing on two albums for O.C. Smith, a jazz singer who achieved fame in the 1960s.  The group sings oldies and jazz, and pride themselves on a very tight and harmonic harmony. "We have a cool version of Pharell Williams' 'Happy'" Diggs said.  "His version is upbeat and fast; we slowed it down and made it smooth and jazzy.  Another song that we like to sing is 'He Lives In You.'".  Lindo's message, along with her music, is a serious one, "I always tell women to get the mammograms done," Lindo said. "It's amazing that most women will say 'no' to mammograms.  But I am a cancer survivor.  I found it early.  Had they not found it early, it would have killed me.  Everybody is afraid of bad news."  The song that sticks out with Lindo the most is "Over The Rainbow," a song she sings soulfully, inspiring an emotional reaction from her audience.  "The first time I ever sang that song, the audience cried and it totally blew me away," Lindo said.  "I would get emotional about it too, but to see a man crying was amazing."



featuring Carlotta Y Diggs

A vocal trio whose name indicates that two members (Carlotta Diggs & Paul Peterson) are CANCER SURVIVORS.  The group also features Ms Ebon Bracy.  We provide Smooth Jazz, Ballads, Love Songs, R&B, Blues, and more. 


the 3rd Saturday of each month at:

D'Vine Wine Bar and Jazz

14845 Monarch Blvd, Victorville California





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