Triumphing over tragedy is something all three members of the High Desert-based vocal trio "Living Proof" are very well versed in.  Carlotta Diggs, Candace Lindo, and Paul Peterson are cancer survivors who credit their love of music and performing for helping them get through some of the darkest moments of their lives.

According to Diggs, the trio has been sharing its songs and personal stories with local audiences since 2010, hoping to inspire people who are dealing with all kinds of difficult circumstances.  Diggs, who overcame breast cancer, said she can't think of a better reason to step on stage and sing her heart out.

"In 1999, I lost my daughter to Lupus and she was my biggest fan" said Diggs, 63, who will perform with Living Proof at 7:30 p.m. April 18 at D'Vine Wine Bar and Jazz in Victorville.  "When I sing, it brings me so much joy to know she is smiling down on me and is so happy that I am sharing my gift to inspire and bring joy to others.  That's what I live for."

Diggs said she met Victorville resident Lindo and Apple Valley resident Peterson at the High Desert Center for the Arts in Victorville.  They became immediate friends and soon after, Living Proof was born.  The ensemble's vision was to deliver a repertoire of smooth jazz tunes accentuated by tight and soaring harmonies.  Diggs also said that only original arrangements would be appropriate for the group.

"We really wanted to establish a sound that was all our own and the best way to do that is with original arrangements of the cover songs we sing,"  said Diggs, who appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in her teens.  "We take tunes like 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams and put a funky beat on them, which our audiences really seem to enjoy."

Along with performing smooth jazz standards, such as "Feeling Good" and "Sentimental Journey", Living Proof also covers artists from John Legend and Luther Vandross  to Alicia Keys and Bob Marley.

Since it formed, the trio has played at numerous High Desert locations, including the Wine Seller, Chateau Chang and Del Webb's Sun City community in Apple Valley.  The group also performs regularly at D'Vine Wine Bar and Jazz and will appear at the club again on May 2 and 16, as well as June 13.

"D'Vine Wine Bar and Jazz is a wonderful venue for our act,"  said Diggs.  "And the audiences there are so supportive."

Diggs said Living Proof is content to keep its gigs close to home.  However, the ensemble is open to going on a road trip now and then.  Its members are also hoping to start recording a demo they can include in their press package they send out to entertainment buyers.

"We've pretty much decided we want to perform mostly in San Bernardino County," said Diggs. "My days of traveling are over and I'm through  with living out of a suitcase.  But, there are plenty of local clubs and venues where we can share our music, as well as our love for what we're doing.  There's nothing better than that."

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featuring Carlotta Y Diggs

A vocal trio whose name indicates that two members (Carlotta Diggs & Paul Peterson) are CANCER SURVIVORS.  The group also features Ms Ebon Bracy.  We provide Smooth Jazz, Ballads, Love Songs, R&B, Blues, and more. 


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D'Vine Wine Bar and Jazz

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