1. I'm alright

From the recording I'm alright

This project was conceived out of sadness. This
project is my gift of remembrance. This project was
nurtured with love. This project was the baring of my
soul on my journey through the process of grief and it
covers each emotion that I felt as I made that journey.
sometimes dark, sometimes hopeful, sometimes angry,
sometimes at peace; sometimes pragmatic; sometimes


I’m Alright: (Words=Carlotta Diggs) (Music=Conrad Askland)
After all this time, I’ve been tryin’ to make some kind of sense
Out of what’s been left behind, scramblin’ through the fragments of my mind
It can’t hurt this long
I’m alright, but every day I want to disappear
Tired of, tryin’ hard to keep it real
Hangin’ on, to hope with all my might
To convince myself, that I’m Alright
I keep waking up each day, the moments draggin’ on this way
Living through my biggest fear.  Then I turn and find that, I’m still here
It can’t hurt this long
Gonna be here tomorrow, Gonna get through this sorrow
Gonna take these days and make them right
In spite of what I think
I’m Alright
Musical Break
(no matter what my heart might say; I’m gonna tell myself every day
That I’m Alright)
Ad lib to fade