From the recording To Last A Lifetime


TO LAST A LIFETIME (Words=Carlotta Diggs) (Music=Conrad Askland)
There comes a time, when broken pieces heal
But it’s hard to see the light of day, with so much time still ahead
And it’s hard to believe in the strength, or to see the truth
With every inspiring sign
But from you, I have enough love to last a lifetime
You and me, we shared a lifetime, of memories and love
You and me will always be together, with our love and memories
That last a lifetime
With different eyes our story can be told
And I know, in truth there is no time
And you are here right where you’ve always been
And I know the answers can be mine
And what we had, we will have again
‘Cuz from you, I have enough time to last a lifetime
-Repeat Chorus-
I’m so grateful for the lessons I have learned
I’m so grateful for what is yet to come
A glorious chance to rise and awake
And to follow the path that I’m on
-Repeat Chorus-